Hi, Chas here. I’m glad you stopped by. I put this website together because it’s likely you want to know how to go about removing skin tags yourself.

And, I have a personal story about removing skin tags yourself the wrong way.

Every time you look into the mirror at yourself, you see that ugly little skin tag. You even wiggle it back and forth or pull and twist on it to see if you might be able to just yank it right off. Maybe you have more than one? Sometimes these things grow in clusters.

Perhaps you are like me and want to simply cut your skin tags off with some fingernail clippers or a sharp pocket knife. I mean, how bad could it really hurt?

Hold on one minute in case you think you can remove skin tags yourself with clippers or some other cutlery. You are not a doctor.

You should not turn your fingernail clipper, or other sharp object into a skin tag remover like I did.

You see, I had a skin tag on the lower left corner of my eyelid. This skin tag kept growing and growing and growing. I noticed people looking at it.

It was gross. I was self-conscious of it. It had to go.

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But going to the doctor to get my skin tags removed was always such a hassle. Making appointments, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Usually when I made an appointment with my doctor to remove skin tags, it would be at least a month. Plus the cost.

I didn’t want to wait and I didn’t want to pay for something that seemed as minor as getting rid of skin tags.

removing skin tags with nail clipperSo, rather than do what I had always done, I cut my skin tag off with some fingernail clippers. Guess what? I bled like a stuck pig. Then, I got an infection.

And on top of the infection, I only really cut off about half of my skin tag. Then I HAD to go to the doctor. Fail.

So if you are thinking about removing skin tags yourself, definitely do not get out the cutlery because you are bound to have a problem.

medicineIt’s too bad I didn’t know how to remove a skin tag without going to the doctor and without cutting myself up.

If I had known natural skin tag removal was an option, I would have saved myself lots of trouble.

How To Remove Skin Tags: 4 Best Methods

Also called acrochordons, skin tags are harmless protruding skin flaps that can be easily removed at home. They are not serious skin conditions at all, so knowing how to remove skin tags naturally is acceptable.

However, make sure that before doing any natural methods to remove these skin flaps, you are 100% certain that your skin tags are not actually malignant tumors. Cancerous ones are those that grow consistently and rapidly, accompanied by changes in shape and color. If these symptoms are observed, set an appointment with your dermatologist right away.

What are natural methods on how to remove skin tags at home?

With the so many people giving importance to health and wellness, more and more they want to switch to all-natural skin care routines that do not involve the dangers of surgery and prescription drugs. Treating skin conditions the natural way also ensures that you’re using safe and low-risk methods.

Here are some of the best natural remedies on how to remove skin tags. These can be done right in your home without burning holes into your pocket which would otherwise happen if you choose to have them professionally removed by a doctor.

Natural Remedy #1: The Trusty String or Dental Floss

This age-old method of removing skin tags is easy to do and does not involve any bleeding or extreme pain. Simply take a thin string (a thread or a dental floss would do just fine) and tie it around the base of the skin tag. It is important that you do not tie around the skin tag, but just at the stalk. This method will cut off the blood supply toward the skin tags, causing them to shrivel up and fall off. It could take up to a few days for the skin tag to completely die and drop off, so patience is key.

Natural Remedy #2: Tea Tree Oil Magic

The ever-famous tea tree oil is an essential ingredient in several very effective skin improvement regimens and also in herbal medicine. This oil is extracted from melaleuca alternifolia, a plant from Australia that has proven itself to work potently against various skin diseases.

To make use of this method on how to remove skin tags, wash your skin tag and the surrounding skin thoroughly with mild soap and water. Do not rub it with a towel – just let the area dry out. Afterward, soak a cotton ball in water and add three drops of tea tree oil for the cotton to absorb. You will then rub the ball gently onto your skin tag. Repeat this process at least three times a day and within just a couple days, your skin tag will eventually fall off.

Natural Remedy #3: Castor Oil Cure

Yet another popular skin food, castor oil is also known to remove skin tags in addition to the many other remedies it can offer to other skin diseases. To use castor oil as a method on how to remove skin tags, simply mix the oil with baking soda until you form a paste. The amount of oil and baking soda are not relevant – just pour in an amount according to the number of skin tags you will be treating. Then, rub the paste onto your skin tags and leave them on for at least an hour three times a day. Notice that after a few days, your skin tags will eventually dry out and die.

Natural Remedy #4: Vitamin E and Band-aid

Vitamin E is not only a nourishment for the skin but a natural remedy as well. Take vitamin E gel or powder and apply it onto your skin tags before covering the area with band-aid.

At least once a day, check to see if the skin tags have already adhered to the band-aid and are ready to fall off. If not, repeat the process for a few more days until they completely drop off your skin.

Natural methods on removing skin tags are always the recommended ways to deal with this skin condition. Without the risk that professional treatments bring, you not only provide safe solutions for your skin tags but also nourish the surrounding skin as well. The natural way to skin care is always the best way.

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